Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Palmistry blog with living example

hi i wish to dedicate this blog to palmistry reading i give out on a regular basis. i will try and give examples of people who come up to me for a reading through meeting or by e-mail. i dont meet people in person due to shortage of time.
ones who wish to get thir hand read need to send their scanned palm print and i will try to give my analysis. if you are lucky you just might get a free palm reading.
or else just enjoy and share your inputs on my reading if you are a palmist

Get a free hand reading :- Conditions apply.

Kindly read the following, don't just blindly send an e-mail asking for a free reading. A digital scanned image means image taken by a scanner.


1).I need a digital scanned image of both your palm front and back. Digital image should be clear not just the lines clear but the capillary lines also clear.

2).If u plan to send digital scanned image by e-mail. When you scan your palm set the resolution as 200 or 300 and size at 100% and keep both your palm together and not just one. Save in jpeg format.

3).Do not send  Digital camera photographs. Do sent only scanned images of JPEG format or PDF format. Sending digital camera images is the easiest but the quality of digital camera is bad so do not try to reason out.

4).I am here at your service so kindly do not send empty mail asking me to read your palm without a digital scanned image. What I will be reading is your e-mail and not your palm, incase of an empty mail.

5).Send in your date of birth too. No need to send the time of birth, place of birth etc..

In life nothing comes for free. You will have to incur some cost on your own It might cost you around Rs. 100/- to get your hands scanned if you don't have a flat bed scanner. (Please note I am not charging any money so please take the extra effort to get your hand scanned. If you don't have your own scanner it will be a problem for scanning as the shops doing the scanning will not want the glass of there scanner stained)

Even if you send the image do not expect me ot reply to you soon as i will tkae my own time.

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