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Thumb & Palmistry

Thumb & Palmistry 

      Thumb is the most important part of a human hand as it tells a lot about a human being. There are 3 parts to the thumb the top most is the first phalange of the thumb representing the will, determination, force, motivation, spirit, strength of character the second phalange represents the reasoning, logic, way of thinking, common sense, judgment and the third represents the love affection, love, warmth, care, the heat, sexual drive.

      If we analyze these characteristics we will realize how important it is for our day to day living. How our success and failure is decided by the qualities we are endowed with.

      Length of the phalange represents a certain excess or lack of qualities mentioned above.

    1. Very long first phalange represents pride, arrogance.
    2. Very short first phalange represents indecisiveness, vacillating, and fickle minded hesitant, submissiveness.
    3. Very short first phalange with broadness represents inflexibility, tenacity
    4. Pointed first phalange brings refinement, elegance, grace, classiness, chic sophistication in all spheres of life or specifically in spheres the person has his or her interest in. (Sylve the hair stylist has such a thumb)
    5. Second phalange long represents logic, reasoning, clear thoughts ideas. Always found good in the hands of lawyers, judges.
    6. Second phalange short brings lack of reasoning, logic and the person always defers his/her judgment.
    7. Third phalange or the mount of Venus represents  love affection a good mount with lots of firm flesh underneath it represents abundance of love, affection, love, warmth, care, the heat, sexual drive. These indications are found in hands of sports person using physical energies, manual labor, lover, enthusiastic people, passionate people, excited men and women. It is common sense that such people will have an ability to love good rich food with spices and high calories items. It's very likely these people will have an ability to digest such food with ease without any ill effects on the health. Such people will also like wine, beer etc not necessarily things of intoxication but any food refined.
    8. Third phalange of the thumb if weak represents a person lacking the above qualities like of love, affection, love, warmth, care, the heat, sexual drive. It is found that if a person is found to be good in any of the above qualities one can't conclude that the person has all the qualities mentioned above. It will be found that if the person is a good worker and hardworking but lack of a good mount will make him/her lacking in his private life or vice versa.
    9. Thumb which is ball shaped, broad and not tapered at the tip will make the person to be animalistic and brutal & cruel.

Thumb that is flexible from the first phalange will make them wanting to experiment with new ways and ideas. They are likely to be compulsive shopper and having eccentric, alternative, unusual tendency. 

Stiffness in the thumb makes a person stubborn, and non elastic. The person is likely to be a good worker and not waver or linger his work. He/ she are likely to complete the work in a dedicated fashion. 

A thumb high set and short in length makes the person senselessness, stupid and lack of adaptability and a person who is tightfisted in money matters. 

A low set thumb makes a person openhanded, intellectual, thinker having a rational thinking. The person is likely to understand people.  

If the thumb is set very close to the fingers the person is likely to be materialistic, greedy and want for excessive or insatiable desire for wealth or gain. 

If the thumb is set away it shows an open thinking with a compulsive shopper temperament. 

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