Friday, July 30, 2010

Laloo Prasad Yadav palmist interpretation what he must be like.

Born on June 11, 1947
Laloo is ruled by number 2 and  2018 will be an important year for him.
He will become chief minister again before he turns 65

A very good mount of Mercury indicating that he is very good orator. He has excellent memory. He is good in understanding business, engineering. 
The head and life lines are separate at the start indicating that he is rash and never looses opportunities. He acts before he thinks. Yet due to his good fortunes he faces less difficulties in life.
Upper Mount of mars is also developed which indicates he has lots of moral courage and strength.
Mount of moon is highly developed indicating him to be  intuitive, sensitive and with highly imaginative mind. People with good imaginative mind if coupled with good practical head line and shape of palm indicates that he will look for future big gains instead of immediate losses.
Mount of Venus too is developed fully indicating vitality, stamina, ability to give and take love. A person with good taste be it food clothes or general living. A person who loves rich food.
The lines of head, heart and life are without branches a very good sign. It indicates that he will have good health, a agile mind which will never age and a heart line which gives him the fortunes that he will not meet people who will be unfaithful to him. He will be rewarded or helped by all people he associates with. His hand shows that he will be in command always be it in power or otherwise.
A branch less heart line indicates that he does not keep attachments in life. The heart line appears to start under mount of saturn indicating his love for outer appearances and his material outlook. He is materialistic. Such kind of people are known to help many people and in turn get what they want from others as favors. A person with such a  heart line with same hand characteristic remain important to others. He will never be ditched in life.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

My analysis of what Rahul Gandhi must be like

As the finger is an it crooked or set back it indicates a lack of the above qualities or abundance of these qualities. In this indicates maybe a lack of communication and but maybe lots of shrewdness.
There is no branch on the heart line indicating that fixed, settled, or permanent emotional behavior without any passion. He is not temperamental. But he is genuinely sensitive to people as heart line starts from mount of Jupiter
The length of phalanges is evenly balanced. The 3rd or lower phalanges is comparatively short indicating that he does not have a great liking to material world or physical energy. He is not likely to enjoy the best of life.
He is a very cautious person who loses opportunity. The head and life line is joined at beginning.
He has all the opportunity and yet he has not made best use of it. It can be seen that the mount of Jupiter is pronounced, indicating that he will have the right knowledge to lead and a good administrator. He has the power to imagine as he has a good mount of moon.
He is likely to be compassionate.
His head line is short compared to heart therefore he is ruled by heart over head. This is the most important mount in his hand indicating by good mount of Venus It shows abundance or lack of it. 2013 will be an eventful year for him it will change him forever. He has abundance of energy vitality and stamina. He will rule by love, affection and shrewdness. 
The thumb is thick and not tapered indicating that the person is not refined. He is likely to have primitive taste. 


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