Monday, September 6, 2010

Palm analysis of Osama

The image is very small so only few points can be elaborated upon. My reading will be quiet different from people perception of Osama. Here i am just reading what kind of person he may have been.

The long length of the 3rd phylange of little finger indicates a very cunning person, who will consistently be cunning with friends and foes. He is likely to be good in business and he is able to position himself in such a way  that even enemies find use of him.
Such people think they are using the other person but they come across people who are in fact using him for their own gains.

Branch less heart line indicates a person who is detached. People who are detached excel in life. They are able to live life much better on a day to day basis compared to people who are attached. Such indications are found on hands of good players, artist , politicians, business men.

A good mount of moon gives him an aptitude to have good imagination. It appears it's not marked indicating he will have ideas which he will be creative and able to imagine which nobody has imagined. Such indications are found in hands of good directors , artist , writers.

The  mount of Venus is reasonable padding  indication medium to good stamina and vitality. This indications are also found in people who have good stamina.

It appears that the 3rd phylange of all the fingers is long indicating that a person loves good life and a person who actually enjoys it too. He will have a love for material world, concrete activity is found in this sphere.

The 1st phylange is short indicating how  a person expresses intuitively. 1st phylange also indicates the antennas. So being short indicates lack of above qualities.

Osama does not have a thumb of a murderer. This thumb denotes refinement and perfection in all spheres of life.
It does appear that the thumb bends back indicating a person who can mold himself to any circumstance and a person who loves changes.
The length of 1st phylange is long indicating he has great determination and will.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Silvio Berlusconi Italian Prime Minister palmist palm analysis

Born 29 September 1936
This year has been very important to him and will remain very important the good part has happened in this year and more good news till his birthday 29 September 2010. More news will be there for him till 31 December 2010.
The heart line is without branches indicates that he never keeps
attachments. The heart line starts from mount of jupiter indicating he is a
idealist and not a materialist. He values good idealistic thoughts.

A strong line of head indicating that he is head strong and takes calculated
risks. The hand in general is small indicating that he he makes big plans
but is not a good implementer.

The mount of moon is prominent indicating good imaginative skill needed to
be a good politician. He will have good sixth seance.

The mount of venus is prominent and indicates good taste of all kind. He has
an excellent stamina. The power which will not diminish with age. He is a
lover at heart and loves all. His prosperity comes with love.

The hand is normal but just the little finger stretching beyond the ring
fingers 2nd phylange makes this hand very special. It means that the person
has good communication, business and has good technical knowledge. Such
people can be good businessman, politicians, lawyer, doctor. Such people
communicate in such a way that they appear impartial.

The other important thing we see in this palm is that it has tapered thumb
at it's apex. It makes him refined in taste of all kinds. He has a never
satisfying nature.

You will notice that many things i have analyzed is contadicting. I think
life is contradicting too.


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