Friday, October 15, 2010

Lalit Modi Palmistry Reading Business Man

Lalit Modi is born on 29 November 1963
He has a strong hand and nothing will happen to him. He is most likely to bounce back in 2012. A very important period in his life. Between 1st January 2012 and 29 November 2012 he will get very good news. He is unlikely to be ever convicted or face any hardship.

A very good mount of Mercury indicating that he is very good orator. He has excellent memory. He is good in understanding business, engineering.

A branch less heart line indicates that he does not keep attachments in life. The heart line appears to start under mount of saturn indicating his love for outer appearances and his material outlook. He is materialistic. Such kind of people are known to help many people and in turn get what they want from others as favors. A person with such a  heart line with same hand characteristic remain important to others. He will never be ditched in life.

The head and life lines are joint at the start indicating that he is never  rash and takes decisions after deep thought. He never acts before he thinks. As media projects him to be rash I personally think he gives a lot of time before he makes a decision. So all actions are deliberate after giving a thought.

The thumb is tapered at the end indicating that he is a perfectionist. He is never satisfied

The lines of head, heart and life are without branches a very good sign. It indicates that he will have good health, a agile mind which will never age and a heart line which gives him the fortunes that he will not meet people who will be unfaithful to him. His friends will bring him out of trouble. He will never get associated with wrong people. His friends will always be at his side. He will be rewarded or helped by all people he associates with. His hand shows that he will be in command always be it in power or otherwise.

Mount of Venus too is developed fully indicating vitality, stamina, ability to give and take love. A person with good taste be it food clothes or general living. A person who loves rich food. He will always see the positive side of life.

Mount of moon is slightingly developed indicating him to be  intuitive, sensitive and with highly imaginative mind. People with good imaginative mind if coupled with good practical head line and shape of palm indicates that he will look for future big gains instead of immediate losses.

The line of head bends down deep on mount of moon indicating a good aptitude to imagine and force future. He is likely to catch the trends very fast.

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  1. you should tell more about what might happen to him


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