Sunday, October 3, 2010

Palm analysis of Pime Minister Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh character analysis
Date of birth 26 September 1932
According to me 35th year was important. His 2012 will be really important for him in all spheres of life.

When the length of the little finger crosses the 1st phylange of the ring finger it is considered to be long and is considered to be a very good indication in terms of communication. You might disagree that he lacks communication skills, but communication is not just about verbal, it could be facial, written or touch as well. As the finger is not crooked it means that he uses these skills in the right way. The top phylange of the mercury finger is long indicating that he is thinker and philosopher in terms of business, science, and communication. He has a great ability to heal. The mercury finger indicates communication, science, business. His fingers are tapered at the end, indicating that his antennas catch signals very fast.

The length of the Jupiter finger is long indicating a  good aptitude for administration and politics. He has been able to maintain his position due to good fortunes. As this is just a photograph and quiet unclear I cannot see rising line on mount of Jupiter which gives position in life. It does appear that head and life line starts high up from mount of Jupiter indicating good position throughout life.

A badly marked mount of lower mars indicating that he lacks aggression.

A good mount of Upper mars indication he is persistently determined in spite of determination

A good mount of moon indicating that he has good institution, creativity

A good mount of Venus indicating sensation, love affection and energy.

The head line is the only line which is broken. It has various meaning, sometimes it indicates head injury or mental trauma. In this case we have seen that he has not had any head injury and I can't say about mental trauma. So what I can say is that it indicates a change in thinking process. A shift from the past. The mental process will undergo such drastic changes comparable to shifting the whole train from one track to another by picking it up and keeping it on another track.

Head and life line attached at start indicating that he is a very slow decision maker. He looses opportunities, but whatever decision he takes he is very sure. He is very hard working person.

Singh has undergone multiple cardiac bypass surgeries, most recently in January 2009.I see a very stable heart line almost perfect. Here again I can say that he does not have a tendency to heart attach but could be prone to pressures.

If the photographer owning this pic objects to using this picture do let me know i will remove it. I request you to kindly let me use it as it's hard to find pictures of a palm of famous personalities. The palmistry science will develop further with your contribution.




  1. i disagree with you he is not a good communicator he does not have speaking power

  2. dear sir
    i agree with you he appears to be a very poor communicator.
    but if you look closely he is achieving his objectives with his allies , oppositions.
    his portrayal that he is a good guy is his biggest achievement.
    with rampant corruption in the government, his opposition in floor of the house repeatedly say he is a good guy.
    so tell me can this be achieved with good or bad communication.


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