Monday, November 29, 2010

The top phalange refers to spiritual/emotional/mental aspects.

If the top most phalange of any finger if long denotes the person most likely is seeking mental stimulation. These people have a great need to be be mentally stimulated to get better sexual satisfaction. If such need left unattended there is great dissatisfaction and cannot be compensated by the physical act alone. Such people may or may not have the necessary practical skills in love making and basal values and pleasure/ enjoyment. Such people are unlikely to be "bhogis" or "the enjoyer". These people are unlikely to get real satisfaction just by act of love making. Sexuality is a basic aspect of human identity and it is complicated
and it appears to not be logical and can never rise to the level of a scientific thesis. Even if the libido / sexual drive is high in such a person yet mental satisfaction is necessary in such a character. Such people look at the
innermost deep-rooted feelings and soul's yearning for spiritual perfection. Various other aspects prominent on the palm will direct the person towards a specific nature. If the person is erotic then he is likely to be be motivated to satisfy his urges not by the act but by the mental stimulation of any kind ; it could be written material or visuals etc.
The Individual in such case sometimes does not need a partner too to get required satisfaction. The highest levels of Consciousness can help them attain self satisfaction too. Kindly note here that I have just taken one aspect so the actual reading will be in relation to other accepts of the palm and not just by looking at this aspect in isolation. Human nature is complicated and nothing can be generalized. Note here that the permutation combination to this one aspect with other aspect will give a true nature of the person.


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