Thursday, December 2, 2010

Palmistry Mount of Jupiter and the Sex Life person will be bossy

If the mount of Jupiter is fleshy, thick, solid,prominently marked and visible to naked eyes with a good risen mount  when seen from different angles. Just like if we compare different peaks in a mountain range.
Jupiter is a planet for ambition, honor, religion, love of
nature, administration, politics and happy marriage and positive outlook in life. Such people always try to look at positive side of life in general and are always highly optimistic in nature.
Kamasutra describes sex not just as art of different physical positions, but more important as an art of positioning. If a person is political then that person is likely to be good at art of positioning themselves to make themselves attractive. Such people will work in a subtle way and always be in a commanding position between themselves and partner.
An ambitious nature with a desire for wealth and honor, itself creates a solid ground for a success in marriage. If people honor a person socially his / her image grows in the mind of their partner. Such people command respect and people idolize them. A good mount with just one cross will indicate a stable marriage not necessarily a good sex life while a bad mount of Jupiter  indicate low self esteem not necessarily a bad sex life.
Few people misuse power and high position to derive sexual pleasures. If the mount is good it is likely that no scandal will harm their position. If the head and heart line are good then no guilt or mental agony will ever harm the person.

It has been seen that female partner is the real power behind the scene and only close people around know this little secret. Often good fortunes of female partner give a good raise to the male in their position after formal engagement or marriage.
These women are bossy and always on the top. The male in such a case has always to obey, even when the male has the formal position while the wife holds no formal position.
IAS officers, politicians, administrators, business head's, religious leader's, head priest  all have a a good mount of Jupiter on their own hand or on the hand of their partner or on their parent or children hands.

Kindly note here that I have just taken one aspect so the actual reading will be in relation to other accepts of the palm and not just by looking at this aspect in isolation. Human nature is complicated and nothing can be generalized. Note here that the permutation & combination to this one aspect with other aspect will give a true nature of the person.

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  1. While going through your site and blog i couldn't believe that any thing happened like this..But I got your reply & it was vary accurate..your doing great service for Palmistry


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