Monday, December 20, 2010

Palmistry Reading an Upcoming Artist Painter

The fingers are straight and the hand appears to be firm and with no unnecessary trouble lines.
The sun line is starting at the age of 35 meaning success is late. If we notice the money line too we will see that it is originating from mount of moon indicating success with the help of a female. He is being promoted by a unknown female, because she sees talent. He is likely to be famous outside India too. 
The heart line does not have any branches and it starts with no curve. This kind of heart line is considered to be very good as it shows clear emotions with no attachments . The person will be truthful as the heart line starts from mount of jupiter.
All actresses / people / artist normally say they are passionate but here we see a very sensitive person. This kind of heart line also indicates a person who can get cold too but because of a prominent mount of venus this will not happen. Such people value emotions more than material benefits.
These people are emotional, he is idealist by nature.
The heart line appears not to have branches a very good sign indicating no attachments in life. Attachments bring lots of heart aches and pain. Such people are suited for professions where lots of criticism is faced by people. So such people can handle any amount of criticism without suffering any humiliation or depression.
The head and heart line's are attached meaning that such people are slow to move they need to be pushed. They start late but their steps are firm and normally they loose opportunities in early period of their life. They believe in delaying their decisions to the next day. Such people are hard working.
If somebody wishes to invest on this artist he is a very good stock to buy and invest in a very short duration. He is 35 now and his fame will sky rocket in time to come.
A good mount of venus is very prominent. It gives him an ability to be a good lover. He can take love and give love in equal measure. He has good vitality, stamina all represented by good venus. He must be having a liking for richness in food and clothes. He has an ability to digest good food and a deep liking for good clean atmosphere. I happened to meet this artist. At present not in a very popular person but he is likely to archive success in few days to come.

Palmist Manish 
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  1. i am a palmist even i wish to show my hand where to post

  2. Greetings Manish Ji....

    Its indeed a great and pleasure talking to you and hoping everything goes as per you palmistry .I would like to share whichever you have told me about past and present was as accurate as anything which made me yo write you this way .Also i am sure fro future as well . Thanks !!
    My best wishes for years and years to come .

    Looking forward for future guidance from you.

    Best Regards
    Om Sai Ram
    Geeta Pratap Singh Rawat

  3. its is going accordingly wat u have said to me.....

  4. good one great the person can plan accordingly..


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