Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The third phalange (which is attached to the palm) refers to the "Bhog" aspects, i.e., basal values and pleasure/enjoyment.

If the lower most phalange of any or all finger is longer than others, it denotes that person most likely is a "Bhogi" i.e., basal values and pleasure / enjoyment stimulation. These people are most likely to enjoy the pleasures of life and so called sins. These people are god gifted to be in such a position that they derive pleasure and enjoyment in terms of food and sexual satisfaction. Such people need not be rich to derive such satisfaction. It is also not guaranteed that a rich person will be a Bhogi. It could be that his relatives, children, or even servants could be Bhogis. Spiritual, mental and or physical and practical stimulation have less importance for them. Such people may be a mismatch with a partner who looks for mental , physical and practical stimulation. Such people are ultimate "bhogis" or "the enjoyer" as they hate to sweat it out, they believe in "enjoy today as the last day of life". These people are likely to satisfaction in the act of love making but they need not be the best in lovemaking but they have an aptitude. These people look for their own enjoyment and are self centered on this aspect. If the mount of Venus (for stamina), mars (for vigor) and moon (for innovative ideas) is strong then the libido / sexual drive is high in such a person. Such people are likely to derive maximum satisfaction. Various other aspects prominent on the palm will direct the person towards a specific nature.

Such  people are physically in-active even if they have physical strong. The Individual in this case does need a partner too to get required satisfaction. People around these people enjoy a good life.

Such people do also derive satisfaction from not just shopping but also using the product they have shopped. These people are good user of resources available to them. If they buy wine they will drink
it. These people are unlikely to hoard. They have no inclination to leave things for their children Kindly note here that I have just taken one aspect so the actual reading will be in relation to other accepts of the palm and not just by looking at this aspect in isolation. Human nature is complicated and nothing can be generalized. Note here that the permutation & combination to this one aspect with other aspect will give a true nature of the person.


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