Thursday, November 24, 2011


My palmistry / palm readings are imperfect so do not go by what I have posted. Life is dynamic and it's my firm belief nobody can predict exact future.

How i see death of a person, here is just one instance, there could be many others ways one can see it coming.

When indications are not clear in the hand of a person. One must look at the hand of subject's immediate relatives. At times it may vary from wife to son or daughter. All the people in the family might not show the sudden death of a person in the family.

It might show in the hand of the person directly getting affected.

If it's father's death, the indication on son's hand could be a broken fate line. The reason behind is that finances might suffer due to bad health and lots of money being spent and / or the son get affected by sudden demises of the father. If the fate line is good afterwards it can be said that some changes come out.

One must not see broken fate line as a reason for death of a person in the family. The palmist must use common sense and see the dynamics of the family before predicting.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Typical nails of a person who might suffer from lung / nasal tract related ailment, illness - disease - sickness - malady - complaint

The person works in a sugar mill where lots of pollution takes place. Few years back he was healthy. Now he has lost weight and suffers from many disorders but due to the shape of nails (clubbing ) i will say the primary reason for bad health is lungs.
If such a person had taken precautions he might have not have had such a severe  problem as he is facing now.

The most The common lung diseases are.
Lung cancer
Such people should try and stay in clean environment and not smoke. I have personalty seen lung disease in few people which such nail formation.
There is no guarantee that such people will always have lung related ailments. It just shows tendencies. Some people just have tendencies and never catch a disease and some acquire a disease due to wrong lifestyle When one breathe, the lungs take in oxygen from the air and deliver it to the bloodstream. The cells in ones body catches oxygen which is inhaled

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kushwant singh born on 2 February 1915 Palmistry palm thumb analysis.

Kushwant singh born on 2 February 1915

The Lines of palm are not visible. Just giving you a reading based upon his thumb

The thumb is tapered and bends back backward at the end indicating that he is a perfectionist. He is never satisfied. He also loves to experiment. Such people love to be in different circumstances and can mold themselves very well. They also tend to get bored very easily as changes turns them on. Experimenting helps them to constantly look for changes. He must be having love for variety of taste. The bending backward gives love for change and tapering gives refinement He must be having a refined taste in all sphere of life.

Internet for the photo. I will like to thanks you for the image.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Limitation of Palmistry analysis

My palmistry / palm readings are imperfect so do not go by what I have posted. Life is dynamic and it's my firm belief nobody can predict exact future. Just like what is said about a famous journalist that A trained psephologist, he debuted in 1984 as the new center point of televised coverage of India's general elections. His predictions and his ability to translate complicated facts into simple analysis that turned him into the journalist that India would depend on, night after night, for its news. So even he after having the best team / technology to give right inputs and thousands of people to analyze the results were not hundred percent accurate. Therefore how can I be trusted to give exact analysis and predictions . I have no team just a few books and few hands to refer to. Still I strive to perfect palmistry and give a different perspective to a client's problem.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kim Kardashian limited Hand analysis

Kim" Kardashian (born October 21, 1980) is an American socialite, television personality, model, and actress

The heart line does not have any branches This kind of heart line is considered to be very good as it shows clear emotions, passion, and detachment.
All the gurus preach detachment. It is one of the best signs to have in the hand. Such people are very successful and content. 

The head line is very straight reaching the edge of the palm. It means that lady is very headstrong and clear headed. She is guided by her head and is head strong. The head line is very straight therefore she looks at immediate gains. The head line does not droop down meaning that the lady lives for the moment and does not posses imagination. 

The first phalange somewhat tapered at the end, this makes her a person who loves perfection. She will never be satisfied. The thumb is in relation to the whole hand strong therefore meaning that such people have strength of character.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

disappointed a politician mla from bihar whose hand i read recently

for people wanting a reading.
i recently disappointed a politician mla from bihar whose hand i read recently.
he was not satisfied with my reading.

he was right in a way because my readings are limited he wanted to know if he would get good position again. i was more into giving a character analysis and and what the person was more inclined to be.

he might not write but i thought i must write on his behalf.
thanks bye


Saturday, March 12, 2011

00004 hand analysis of a lady

The heart line appears to have an island so food habits needs to be improved. Eyes and heart should be cared
The sun finger is good it indicates that the lady do gets name and fame for any small work she does. As the line is broken at many points it indicates that the lady will venture in many jobs / business. The period
between 32 to 56 will bring you most name and fame and money.
The heart line is curved and few overlaps indicating that the person is detached and has a passionate nature. The person is likely be a link person and must be social too.
Three prongs at the start of heart line also indicates person likely to have links in high society. The person knows how to get work done.
The person is materialistic and love outer appearances
The head and heart line go together for a short while indicating that the lady is known to time her actions at the right time.
The thumb appears not to be tapered indicating that the lady has primitive taste.
The life line has few branches at the end indicating that energy level will get scattered at the end . So lifestyle
improvement is suggested. Food habits and exercise is suggested right from early age.
Its highly likely the lady should have low fat food products.
Upward branches and triangles on life line indicates many properties built or bought in her name.
It appears that the mount of jupiter is prominent. Indicating that the person will always find himself leading people. The lady is likely to be lucky to father and husband too.
Marriage is indicated early.
The lady is likely to be a good administrator.
The length of the 3rd phalange appears to be the longest indicating person to be a bhogi.
It does appears the 3rd plalange is the longest . This is a good sign to have for people in business.
The mount of venus are developed giving you good taste in terms of food,living and clothes. Vitality , love and
stamina must be high. All these things bring the person out from bad health.The capacity to give and take love
appear to be good. She is likely to be very caring and loving to everybody.
The area of plains of mars and venus have a number of lines . Few lines at this place is considered good. Due to few oppositions or lack of faith sometimes the energies are not channelized to the optimum limit due to these lines. Although the lines are not major.

Palmistry Reading Of a Lady

Found that those with six or more loops for fingerprints ere adaptable, had both mental and emotional elasticity, easygoing, and perhaps a little too responsive to other's moods. Versatility fights concentration in this person.

You are bold and rash. You tend never to loose opportunities. Your actions come first and then you think
over them. You have been this way and continue to remain this way.

Self contained and repressive. Secretive in self defense. Naturally suspicious. Resentful of others achievements who did not posses for their own shortcomings that might bar achievement. Repressive of
emotions. Mistrusts yourself. Questions your own actions and wisdom. Becomes more introspective with age through anxiety to avoid error.

One of the best thing in your hand is a good line of life. It represents love vitality. Even at old age you will have great love for life and you will rebound due to these positive energy in you. You will overcome emotional and mental tensions due to this aspect in your life.

You could be a genius in your field of work but you will face very peculiar circumstances in your life. Your thought process will also be quiet different from others. You could be very good at pushing forward a task. You might have discovered a new dimension to your thinking but this is just a small thing.

Emotional anxiety is one thing which will be difficult to handle. It must be giving you lots of stress. There are good chances you will meet people from high strata in life.

As far as money goes the flow will be good but changes will take place sometime after 34 , it is too early to comment about them now. Yes travel is indicated and marriage might take you to different country. Events might take place between 1 jan 2014 to 25 jan 2014. Very important events. Year 2014 will bring lots of changes in your life. From 25 jan 2013 till 31 dec 2014 is important.

Palmist Manish 
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Sachin Tendulkar Palmistry reading analysis.

Palmistry Reading Sample (this is not a complete palmistry reading)

Question From Client
If you take my suggestion try and utilize your administrative skills, represented by a log finger of jupiter> if you do not use these skill you might have a bossy nature. Your Question i would like to ask about my career, as i m appearin for CAT 2010 i feel i m stuck with my progress at college. secondly, money matters so enlighten me on that too .. if i m going to make it big or something to that effect concluding edify me with my love life and family life. that would be all.
waiting until u throw me some + ve nd -ve about my future

My Analysis
A single long line under the mercury finger and a long finger of mercury represents that you will be good in communication, science, maths and business skills. They can benefit you if you use it for yourself or others.
A badly marked mars and venus gives a low energy levels and lack fighting spirit. Good line of health and
sometimes even gives good business skills Marked line of head will give you tensions till 35

Palmist Manish 
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Sachin Tendulkar Palmistry reading analysis.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Palmistry Hand Reading of one of my Clients

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The person has a three pronged line of relationship. It does not means three pronged relationship but special and different.
The heart line is starts with two prongs without any curve indicating the person to be very calm. The heart line has branches as it crosses the mid of the palm and at the end meaning that the person keeps attachments in life and loves children. It is often seen that people with attachments are unhappy.
The first phylanx is the longest of the 3 indicating a person more inclined towards mental stimulation. The second phylange appears to be shortest meaning you do not seek physical stimulation to a great extent. The third phylange seems to be longer indicating you will be a person who will have fulfilling experiences (bhoghi). The second phylange has horizontal lines indicating that there will be blockages
in fulfillment and sleeking of physical stimulation.
The small/mercury finger is long indicating the person to be very good/ cunning in disguise and communication. You can impress any body with your communication be is written verbal, facial or touch.

The sun finger is good it indicates that you do get name and fame for the work you do. As the line is broken at many points it indicates that you will dabble in many jobs.
But the last work starting at the ageof 56 will bring you most name and fame. This name and fame could be due to your kids as well as they must be grown up.

The 1st phylange of thumb is long indicating that the person possess great will power and the thumb is tapered at the end indicating that the person has a refined taste in food as well as clothes and in
general. The person will never be satisfied.
The head and heart line go together for a while indicating that the person keeps a cautious approach and might loose opportunities.
The line of heart is over lapping at few points with branches indicating palpitation. The person is advised yoga and less strenuous physical activity.
It does appears the 3rd plalange is the longest and vertical lines on it. This is a good sign to have for people in business.
The head line is joint to life line in the beginning indicating that life has not been good in initial period. The mental process was not developed or full of problems. These problems came down dramatically
and completely by the age of 19 years. The line of head starts from inside the line of life on the mount of mars indicating the person to be irritable disposition. The head line is prefect at the end indicating that person is head strong and head will rule over heart.
The person is highly practical.
The straight line on mercury mount represent earning through communication. Many perpendicular lines indicating the person to be a healer too. The mercury mount appears not to be developed. The person could become a doctor too.
The fate line is broken at many points indicating many jobs. It means that every few years the person changes his field. The person will get success in any work he ventures into. Two sources
The life line is curved and without any branches downwards towards the wrist meaning the person is likely to have good stamina and energy levels. The mount of venus is also well developed indicating
that the person has vitality.
The mount of venus and moon are developed giving you good taste, high
imaginative skills. Vitality and stamina. All these things bring you
out from bad health.
Good income is shown all throughout life. 

Palmist Manish 
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Sachin Tendulkar Palmistry reading analysis.

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