Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hand reading of one of my clients

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The person has a three pronged line of relationship. It does not means three pronged relationship but special and different.
The heart line is starts with two prongs without any curve indicating the person to be very calm. The heart line has branches as it crosses the mid of the palm and at the end meaning that the person keeps attachments in life and loves children. It is often seen that people with attachments are unhappy.
The first phylanx is the longest of the 3 indicating a person more inclined towards mental stimulation. The second phylange appears to be shortest meaning you do not seek physical stimulation to a great extent. The third phylange seems to be longer indicating you will be a person who will have fulfilling experiences (bhoghi). The second phylange has horizontal lines indicating that there will be blockages
in fulfillment and sleeking of physical stimulation.
The small/mercury finger is long indicating the person to be very good/ cunning in disguise and communication. You can impress any body with your communication be is written verbal, facial or touch.

The sun finger is good it indicates that you do get name and fame for the work you do. As the line is broken at many points it indicates that you will dabble in many jobs.
But the last work starting at the ageof 56 will bring you most name and fame. This name and fame could be due to your kids as well as they must be grown up.

The 1st phylange of thumb is long indicating that the person possess great will power and the thumb is tapered at the end indicating that the person has a refined taste in food as well as clothes and in
general. The person will never be satisfied.
The head and heart line go together for a while indicating that the person keeps a cautious approach and might loose opportunities.
The line of heart is over lapping at few points with branches indicating palpitation. The person is advised yoga and less strenuous physical activity.
It does appears the 3rd plalange is the longest and vertical lines on it. This is a good sign to have for people in business.
The head line is joint to life line in the beginning indicating that life has not been good in initial period. The mental process was not developed or full of problems. These problems came down dramatically
and completely by the age of 19 years. The line of head starts from inside the line of life on the mount of mars indicating the person to be irritable disposition. The head line is prefect at the end indicating that person is head strong and head will rule over heart.
The person is highly practical.
The straight line on mercury mount represent earning through communication. Many perpendicular lines indicating the person to be a healer too. The mercury mount appears not to be developed. The person could become a doctor too.
The fate line is broken at many points indicating many jobs. It means that every few years the person changes his field. The person will get success in any work he ventures into. Two sources
The life line is curved and without any branches downwards towards the wrist meaning the person is likely to have good stamina and energy levels. The mount of venus is also well developed indicating
that the person has vitality.
The mount of venus and moon are developed giving you good taste, high
imaginative skills. Vitality and stamina. All these things bring you
out from bad health.
Good income is shown all throughout life. 

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