Saturday, March 12, 2011

00004 hand analysis of a lady

The heart line appears to have an island so food habits needs to be improved. Eyes and heart should be cared
The sun finger is good it indicates that the lady do gets name and fame for any small work she does. As the line is broken at many points it indicates that the lady will venture in many jobs / business. The period
between 32 to 56 will bring you most name and fame and money.
The heart line is curved and few overlaps indicating that the person is detached and has a passionate nature. The person is likely be a link person and must be social too.
Three prongs at the start of heart line also indicates person likely to have links in high society. The person knows how to get work done.
The person is materialistic and love outer appearances
The head and heart line go together for a short while indicating that the lady is known to time her actions at the right time.
The thumb appears not to be tapered indicating that the lady has primitive taste.
The life line has few branches at the end indicating that energy level will get scattered at the end . So lifestyle
improvement is suggested. Food habits and exercise is suggested right from early age.
Its highly likely the lady should have low fat food products.
Upward branches and triangles on life line indicates many properties built or bought in her name.
It appears that the mount of jupiter is prominent. Indicating that the person will always find himself leading people. The lady is likely to be lucky to father and husband too.
Marriage is indicated early.
The lady is likely to be a good administrator.
The length of the 3rd phalange appears to be the longest indicating person to be a bhogi.
It does appears the 3rd plalange is the longest . This is a good sign to have for people in business.
The mount of venus are developed giving you good taste in terms of food,living and clothes. Vitality , love and
stamina must be high. All these things bring the person out from bad health.The capacity to give and take love
appear to be good. She is likely to be very caring and loving to everybody.
The area of plains of mars and venus have a number of lines . Few lines at this place is considered good. Due to few oppositions or lack of faith sometimes the energies are not channelized to the optimum limit due to these lines. Although the lines are not major.

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  1. My palm was read by Manish recently. He did a very great job! I have found him trought the internet and we have never met face to face because I am from Hungary, and we are living far away, but his words about me matched my personality and life very much. And I had the feeling that I can trust him, he knows what he is doing, and he is a very kind man. Very stunning experience. I would offer him to everyone.
    Thanks Manish again!

    Lilla from Hungary


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