Thursday, March 17, 2011

disappointed a politician mla from bihar whose hand i read recently

for people wanting a reading.
i recently disappointed a politician mla from bihar whose hand i read recently.
he was not satisfied with my reading.

he was right in a way because my readings are limited he wanted to know if he would get good position again. i was more into giving a character analysis and and what the person was more inclined to be.

he might not write but i thought i must write on his behalf.
thanks bye


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  1. You're right. Politicians show their hands expecting the palmist to predict their future in politics. Their major concern is when they are going to become CM or PM. While palmistry is more inclined towards character analysis, their expectation only revolves around their greed and high aspirations.

    While greedy palmist with little to no knowledge walk away with luscious gifts and hefty fees by convincing them that they are surely going to become the heir to the throne, palmists like you and me can only disappoint them by not forecasting what they exactly want to hear....


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