Saturday, March 12, 2011

hand analysis of a lady

Found that those with six or more loops for fingerprints ere adaptable, had both mental and emotional elasticity, easygoing, and perhaps a little too responsive to other's moods. Versatility fights concentration in this person.

You are bold and rash. You tend never to loose opportunities. Your actions come first and then you think
over them. You have been this way and continue to remain this way.

Self contained and repressive. Secretive in self defense. Naturally suspicious. Resentful of others achievements who did not posses for their own shortcomings that might bar achievement. Repressive of
emotions. Mistrusts yourself. Questions your own actions and wisdom. Becomes more introspective with age through anxiety to avoid error.

One of the best thing in your hand is a good line of life. It represents love vitality. Even at old age you will have great love for life and you will rebound due to these positive energy in you. You will overcome emotional and mental tensions due to this aspect in your life.

You could be a genius in your field of work but you will face very peculiar circumstances in your life. Your thought process will also be quiet different from others. You could be very good at pushing forward a task. You might have discovered a new dimension to your thinking but this is just a small thing.

Emotional anxiety is one thing which will be difficult to handle. It must be giving you lots of stress. There are good chances you will meet people from high strata in life.

As far as money goes the flow will be good but changes will take place sometime after 34 , it is too early to comment about them now. Yes travel is indicated and marriage might take you to different country. Events might take place between 1 jan 2014 to 25 jan 2014. Very important events. Year 2014 will bring lots of changes in your life. From 25 jan 2013 till 31 dec 2014 is important.


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