Saturday, March 12, 2011

sample free palm hand analysis

Question From Clent
If you take my suggestion try and utilize your administrative skills, represented by a log finger of jupiter> if you do not use these skill you might have a bossy nature. Your Question i would like to ask about my career, as i m appearin for CAT 2010 i feel i m stuck with my progress at college. secondly, money matters so enlighten me on that too .. if i m going to make it big or something to that effect concluding edify me with my love life and family life. that would be all.
waiting until u throw me some + ve nd -ve about my future

My Analysis
A single long line under the mercury finger and a long finger of mercury represents that you will be good in communication, science, maths and business skills. They can benefit you if you use it for yourself or others.
A badly marked mars and venus gives a low energy levels and lack fighting spirit. Good line of health and
sometimes even gives good business skills Marked line of head will give you tensions till 35


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