Thursday, November 24, 2011


My palmistry / palm readings are imperfect so do not go by what I have posted. Life is dynamic and it's my firm belief nobody can predict exact future.

How i see death of a person, here is just one instance, there could be many others ways one can see it coming.

When indications are not clear in the hand of a person. One must look at the hand of subject's immediate relatives. At times it may vary from wife to son or daughter. All the people in the family might not show the sudden death of a person in the family.

It might show in the hand of the person directly getting affected.

If it's father's death, the indication on son's hand could be a broken fate line. The reason behind is that finances might suffer due to bad health and lots of money being spent and / or the son get affected by sudden demises of the father. If the fate line is good afterwards it can be said that some changes come out.

One must not see broken fate line as a reason for death of a person in the family. The palmist must use common sense and see the dynamics of the family before predicting.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Typical nails of a person who might suffer from lung / nasal tract related ailment, illness - disease - sickness - malady - complaint

The person works in a sugar mill where lots of pollution takes place. Few years back he was healthy. Now he has lost weight and suffers from many disorders but due to the shape of nails (clubbing ) i will say the primary reason for bad health is lungs.
If such a person had taken precautions he might have not have had such a severe  problem as he is facing now.

The most The common lung diseases are.
Lung cancer
Such people should try and stay in clean environment and not smoke. I have personalty seen lung disease in few people which such nail formation.
There is no guarantee that such people will always have lung related ailments. It just shows tendencies. Some people just have tendencies and never catch a disease and some acquire a disease due to wrong lifestyle When one breathe, the lungs take in oxygen from the air and deliver it to the bloodstream. The cells in ones body catches oxygen which is inhaled

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