Monday, January 2, 2012

CLIENT PALM READING, Palmistry Analysis

The mercury finger is twisted indicating a person who is likely to take a way which is slightly twisted
even when things can be achieved in direct way. The mount of sun has 2 standing that are not prominent. It indicates that the person is likely to have 2 profession's in his life. The timing is more visible on the fate line.
The heart line is curved indicating that the person is passionate. The person is likely to be a link people as he is a useful person, knowing the importance of material things. The upward branches indicate misplaced affection, indicating the person is likely to love people not worth his affection and likely to suffer due to
the subject of attachment. The head line is comparatively shorter than the left hand indicating that he is growing to take more emotional decisions. The same subject might be more headstrong but as he grows older he is letting heart take all the decisions. The single line on mount of mercury represents that you are
likely to earn through communication.
The fate line starts close to life line indicating first work having family influence. This work ends at the age of 32. A new work starts at 32 and ends at 34. Another work starts at age 34 and ends at 35. The last work starts at age 35 and continues till 55. So I will guess the stress in finances may come during the period of 32 to 35.
The life line has no branches at the end on both the palm indicating that energy level will remain good throughout your life. You are likely to lead a healthy life. The line of heart has branches at the end indication your love for children. There will be a great urge to have more children.
A standing line on jupiter Indicates administration, religion / politics,Such a person will always find himself leading people. The same line missing in prominent hand that is right palms. Therefore administrative post may not come to the person. The person is likely to have dogmatic views in sphere of administration, politics and religion. The person will not influence others but have original ideas in these sphere. There are in total 3 lines, indicating 3 attachments in life. The last attachment indicates the strongest association. Again here we may look at the fate line to see if there is any breakup. As in this material world money plays a major role. Therefore breaks on line of fate line at the age of 35 may indicates a separation. But it is not truly correct to
conclude in this way. The mount of Venus is developed giving you good taste for rich food, luxury and a good taste to fabrics. Vitality and stamina are represented by good mount. This mount is among the most
prominent in the subject's palm. Tapered thumb indicates the thumb to show the person to be a perfectionist. Never satisfied with anything.


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