Friday, February 10, 2012

Client Palm Reading / Hand analysis by Indian Palmist

The heart line is straight and starts from mount of Jupiter indicating a person to be sensitive easily get hurt and cold while deciding. The branches on the heart line indicates a person has attachments in life. Attachments always bring high expectation and expectations are never fulfilled.  The person is not materialistic but possessive of people.

The sun line is good it indicates that the person will get name and fame after the age of 48. As the line is broken in the early period of life indicating fame does come out limited.

The standing line on mount of mercury indicates the person to have a gift for good communication. Main earning due to technical scientific , business mind.

The mount of mars is marked and appears to be depressed which may indicate that the person will likely to be have bad digestion. The fire is lacking in the stomach to digest good rich food.

The heart line appears to have branches at the end indicating the person to have a liking for  children.

The life line has few branches at the end indicating that energy level will get scattered at the end . So lifestyle improvement is suggested. Food habits and exercise is suggested right from early age. Its highly likely the lady should have low fat food products.

The mount of venus have a number of lines . Few lines at this place is considered good. The root of the problem is that this mount indicates energies and a grill hampers in channelizing of energy. Optimum levels is hard to achieve, in sphere of love affection ,luxury items rich food vitality. The life line is good indicating person will have no major health problem/ deterioration in health.

Upward branches indicate income and wealth coming to the person apart from the regular income.

The mount of venus are not fully developed indicating limited taste in terms of food,living and clothes. Vitality , love and stamina may be low. All these things deters a person to recover from bad health with ease. The capacity to give and take love appear to be lacking. This is lacking in not just you but almost 85% males.

Earnings from help coming to you due to help from sister, mother, female friends, unknown people, foreign country, trading. Marriage might increase financial success.


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