Friday, July 13, 2012

Unknown Person palm analysis.

The head line is disturbed.
  1. There are many more possibilities this hand can represent.
  2. The person may be a genius.
  3. The person may be an inventor or may be an artist or a person who can see the unseen or the future.
  4. There is possibility that in his life many events may take place which are irrational in nature.
  5. The island on head line under the 2nd finger may make his stomach weak.
  6. He may have acidity or liver problems.
  7. People close to him may consider him to have a irrational behavior.
  8. He may even have a change in his career many times before the age of 35 as fate line is broken many times.
  9. The right hand is better than the left.
  10. His personality may change over period of time.
  11. He is cautious and hard working and patient this quality may help him overcome problems.


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