Thursday, December 20, 2012

Palmistry palm analysis / reading Narendra Damodardas Modi born 17 September 1950)

Narendra Damodardas Modi born 17 September 1950) is the current chief minister of the Indian state of Gujarat.
Just like Manmohan Singh he is ruled by number 8 and number 8 represents Saturn Saturn, is known as "Shani", it is known for judging everyone based on the good and bad deeds performed in life.

If we analyze his date of birth 17 September 1950. We add 17+9+1950=1976 1+9+7+6=23 2+3=5 So any year adding upto 5 will be land mark year 2012, is again a land mark year for him.

The length of the little finger is not too long nor too short. When the length of the little finger 1st phylange of the ring finger it is considered to be long and is considered to be a very good indication in terms of communication. This is not the case with him. 

You may disagree that he lacks communication skills but according to the palm he is not the best in communication. I specifically write this as it's contrary to what is in real life. It's even contrary when I say in one of my blog entries about Manmohan Singh where I say that  Manmohan Singh is a good communicator. The only reason why I can conclude he is a good orator is by looking at his date of birth which adds to 5 the number of mercury, and mercury represents communication.

The length of the Jupiter finger is normal in length indicating a normal aptitude for administration and politics. The good part is that he is not bossy as most politicians become.
He is grounded by the number 8 (shani / saturn ) influence in his life. Saturn makes him a loner and misunderstood person.

The head line is the only line which is broken. It has various meaning, sometimes it indicates head injury or mental trauma. In this case we have seen that he has not had any head injury
and I can't say about mental trauma. So what I can say is that it indicates a change in thinking process. A shift from the past. The mental process will undergo such drastic changes comparable to shifting the whole train from one track to another by picking it up and keeping it on another track. Head and life line attached for a very brief
period at the start indicating that he is right in time to take a decision . He never looses an opportunities
The thumb is tapered indicating he is never satisfied and he being a perfectionist
A good mount of moon indicating that he has good institution, creativity
A good mount of Venus is ok not very pronounced indicating sensation, love affection and energy. The life is also not very good towards the end, but this could be due to very bad image quality.
Branch less heart line is best indication of success meaning living in the moment and affected by results. It shows detachment in life.

Kindly notice the line of head broken under the long finger / Saturn finger same as in the hand of Manmohan Singh. He must have been a different person before the age of
35. Year 35 may have changed his life.


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