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Lal Krishna Advani born on 8 November 1927 | Palmist analysis | Palmistry

Analysis / Interpretation :
His date of birth 8 November 1927. The number 8 makes him to be stubborn, down to earth. As projected to be a iron man, his hand is quiet normal / balanced. He is likely to be a  person who is quiet soft and adaptable, not hard. Such people tend to be slow but steady and are willing to have delays and opposition in life. Narendra modi is also number 8 like him therefore a mutual admiration for each other.

The most significant to see in his hand is length of third phylange of the 4th finger. It is longest indication of a good politician.

The thumb is tapered and bends back backward at the end indicating that he is a perfectionist. He is never satisfied. He also loves to experiment.
Such people love to be in different circumstances and can mold themselves very well.
They also tend to get bored very easily as changes turns them on.
Experimenting helps them to constantly look for changes.
He must be having love for variety of taste.
The bending backward gives love for change and tapering gives refinement
He must be having a refined taste in all sphere of life.
Such people listen to other people well. They get under the skin of the person. They are not inflexible, stubborn, and are willing for new options.
But as age goes it's all well known that a person who get old become stubborn and inflexible.

The best sign to have in the hand of a politician where the 3rd phylange of the mercury / little finger the longest and thick.
Such people look for opportunities and have all mercury qualities.
Such people they are the enjoy-er of worldly things.
Mercury is the planet known for intelligence, awakening, clever, intelligent, wise, learned man, wise man.
Longer 3rd phylange may bring negative qualities.

The heart line is good therefore indicating good health. The person is detached too. This shows he will play the game till last moment.

Taken from Wikepedia :
Lal Krishna Advani born on 8 November 1927, in Karachi, in Sindh now Pakistan) is an Indian politician who is a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the current opposition in the Indian Parliament. When the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance was in power from 1998–2004 under Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Advani served as Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister (the latter in 2002–04). He was the Leader of the Opposition in the 10th Lok Sabha and 14th Lok Sabha (lower house of Parliament).[1] Advani began his political career as a volunteer of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a cultural organisation.


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