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Raj Thackeray Palmist Palm Analysis

From Wikipedia :-Raj Shrikant Thackeray (Marathi: राज श्रीकांत ठाकरे)(born as Swararaj Shrikant Thackeray) is an Indian politician and the founder and president  of the right-wing Marathi ethnocentric regional political party, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena ("Maharashtra Reformation Army") in the state of Maharashtra, India. He is the nephew of Bal Thackeray,
and a cousin of Uddhav Thackeray.
Date of birth is 14 June 1968.
Year 2015 will be a landmark year for him. He should be more communicative as this will give him good results, as his number is 14 and it adds up-to 5. % is number of mercury i.e. communication business science.

A branch less heart line indicates that he does not keep attachments in life. The heart line appears to start under mount of Saturn indicating his love for outer appearances and his material outlook. He is materialistic. Such kind of people are known to help many people and in turn get what they want from others as favors.
He will be attached to loyal people in life and will always meet right people.
This kind of heart line shows detachment. Detachment does not mean detachment from material things.
From Wikipedia :- The Hindu view of detachment comes from the understanding of the nature of existence and the true ultimate state sought is that of being in the moment. In other words, while one is responsible and active, one does not worry about the past or future. The detachment is towards the result of one's actions rather than towards everything in life. This concept is cited extensively within Puranic and Vedic literature, for example:

    One who performs his duty without attachment, surrendering the results unto the Supreme Lord, is unaffected by sinful action, as the lotus is untouched by water.

The head and life lines are joint at the beginning indicating that he is cautious by nature. He is cautious to a point where he loose opportunity.
He is likely to get more imaginative and impractical, he tends to loose in short term and gain in long term.

The lines of head, heart and life are without branches a very good sign. It indicates that he will have good health, a agile mind which will never age and a heart line which gives him the fortunes that he will not meet people who will be unfaithful to him. He will be rewarded or helped by all people he associates with. His hand shows that he will be in command always be it in power or otherwise.

Mount of Venus too is developed fully indicating vitality, stamina, ability to give and take love. A person with good taste be it food clothes or general living. A person who loves rich food.
Such people inject energy into others. Even the dead will come alive.
Such people give and take love in equal measure.
He will be attracted to glamor

Mount of moon is developed indicating him to be  intuitive, sensitive and with imaginative mind.
People with good imaginative mind if coupled with good practical head line and shape of palm indicates that he will look for future big gains instead of immediate losses.
Such people have maternal instincts.

The structure of hand is good as it indicates a person with few resources will be able to manage big things. The utilization of human and financial resources will be good. If put to good use he will have very good control over his people.

Mars positive / Upper Mount of mars is also developed indicating  mental strength. Positive characteristics include endurance, persistence, and a calm mental state.

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