Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hand analysis of one of my clients indicating attachments and palpitation. Should avoid stress

The heart line has branches and islands indicating attachments. It also shows lack of firmness in attachments. Like a bees which go from one flower to another. It can make a person flirt too often.

Meaning of detachment explained well in the article.   see the hindu explanation ............. 

  1. Hand shows attachments, attachments creates expectations. 
  2. When expectation are not fulfilled one is unhappy sad. 
  3. Head line is also not clear therefore problems get compounded.
  4. Many lines criss crossing from mount of mars indicate lack of energy / wrong targeting of energy, wasting of energy. 
  5. In most cases age 1 to 40 years, most people have energy but its when one turns more than 40 one feels more need.
improve habits may limit the problem.


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