Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hand analysis of a person in ayurvedic company.

Hand analysis of a person in ayurvedic company.
He makes ayurvedic medicines prescribed by the doctor. He also works as an accountant.
The person has been working in a top ayurvedic company.
His work has remained stable as seen by his fate line.
Major change happened at age 35 as there is a change indirection of fate line. As a trouble line from mount of mars cuts the fate and head line, it indicates trouble from within the family.
A rising line under first finger indicates good administrative position.
Lastly one should see the 3rd phylange of the fingers to be bery short. Such people are not bhoghi/enjoyer of wordily things.
Such hand indicate a dedicated employee. The hand/palm has negligible lines on lower mount of mars, indicating no worries.

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