Monday, January 20, 2014

Palm analysis of a principal of a school and a respected pandit.

This is a palm analysis of a principal of a school in western up.
He ia also a pandit who does puja on festivals.  He is a learned sanskrit scholar.
If we look closely the first finger and the mount below it we find it's developed. The mount can be seen by the apparent bulging under the first finger/Jupiter finger. One will see that there is a vertical line moving up from the head line towards the mount of Jupiter signifying high position with respect. As the line is rising on the mount of Jupiter, the possibility are high position,  administrator or religious preacher.
This person has a good fate line so no problem as such in terms of finances.
There is a singular sun line a very good sign to have. The sun line starts quite late touching the heart line indicating age 50 to 55 approximately,  when fame will begin to come. This is under the third finger or ring finger or sun finger.
The mount under the little finger /mercury finger is good, indicating good communication skills and food memory.
The line of heart is branch less indicating, detachment. This ia best sign for sucess.

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Sachin Tendulkar Palmistry reading analysis.

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