Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj (born 6 January 1959) Palmistry palm analysis / reading

Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj (born 6 January 1959), better known as Kapil Dev, is a former Indian cricketer. He captained the Indian cricket team which won the 1983 Cricket World Cup. Kapil Dev was one of the greatest all-rounders of all time. He was also India's national cricket coach for 10 months between October 1999 and August 2000.

Like all famous and successful people fewer lines, sign of detachment and good mount of Venus indicates success.

The heart line is branch-less indicating detachment. This kind of heart line is considered to be best as it shows clear emotions and detachment. ***** If I have to rate one of the biggest reason for success, it shall be detachment. It means being in the moment and not seeking or expecting certain result.

The heart line is curved gives intensity to emotions. As the heart line starts from the mount of moon it brings about materialism, physical, soberness (due to saturn), wisdom and balance in one's relationship. Such people helps others and in turn's get help from others. Such people express there feelings easily. 

A mount of Venus  is prominent with no or few lines on it. This indicates an ability to be a good lover, compassionate and a person with good taste (food, clothes & environment). It also provides vitality, stamina all represented by good Venus. It also provides large amount of positive spirit. Such people's provide positive energy to people around them.

The thumb is slightly bent backwards can be seen on other images available on internet indicating adaptable interest and variety of interest. The thumb is tapered towards the end indicating perfection and never satisfied attitude. This might have been the cause of his being all rounder

The gap between the head and life line indicates rashness. A person who never looses opportunity and a person who is action oriented. If all indications are good in a hand then this aspect helps the person to get all decisions right. So whatever they do they are successful, even rash decisions. Slight upward start from mount of Jupiter helps the person to be in commanding position and respected.

The upper Mars has no lines on it. It indicates resistance, courage and calmness of a warrior on field.

The head line droops to the mount of moon, such a line is found in artist writer and painters but here it may mean an imaginative sportsman who foresaw what is likely to come.

Singular small sun line under ring finger indicates success. 


Monday, March 3, 2014

Kisan Baburao "Anna" Hazare born 15 June 1937 hand palm analysis

Anna Hazare
A branch less heart line indicates detachment. The heart line appears to start under mount of Saturn indicating his material outlook. The subject are not idealist and sensitive in-fact materialistic. This is contrary to what is perceived. The subject help's people and in turn's get back something in return

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Female asking if she will get a government job based on her palm reading cum palm analysis from a palmist i.e. me..

The question about government job.
Yes there is a huge possibility as the hand is exactly what a hand looks like of a government servant.

Female Client Palm Reading / Hand analysis by Indian Palmist. Question on love / marital life.When will it be? Arranged/love marriage

She wishes to know love/marital life.When will it be? Arranged/love? How''ll it be (Happy or GOD forbid....)? 

I base love marital life arrange / love and happiness more upon the basic personality of a person. Our personalities are complex

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