Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hand of a vegetable vendor. Hand analysis of a person selling vegetables.

Today I saw hands of a vegetable vendor.
I have found this kind of palm to be in various fields. But the common traits represented in this hand is that such people are.
  • a person who has good control over difficult situations.
  • a person who is like a good foundation / base of a buildings needed for support to withstand the weight, resist wind and earthquakes.
Such hands can be found in field of engineering , business , artist , labourer , farmers , cooks. Such people can also be good support staff on whoes basis the day to day work function.

The hand shows a good mount of venus represented by high energy levels, vitality, stamina, love compassion. The subject could be a very good lover too. A person who has capacity to attract their partner / mate.

The subject is highly cautious represented by the life and head line joint, it give results when the person has reached mid life, and remains steadfast in just one career.

The heart line is also perfect as it has no branches, this represents detachment, best sign for success.

The only suggest to such people is to get into trouble & to find a person who looks after the strategy part, as such people are not good at strategy. The person needs a hand which appears weak, lacking the power to perform physically demanding tasks; having little physical strength or energy.

God does not give everything to one person.

Manish P
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