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Hand / Palm indicating Palpitation Attachments Stomach problem Irrational behaviour Hardwork Opportunities lost Vitality Love Stamina Good health Recovery

Palpitation Attachments
The heart line is curved at the start and is overlapping at  few points indicating that the person keeps attachments and is passionate. The curved heart line indicates passionate nature and intensity in emotions.  
The subject is likely to be materialistic as heart line starts from mount of saturn. Such a subject provides for people near to him.
The subject may carry unnecessary baggage he keeps attachments, indicated by branches on heart line, not a good sign. He is advised detachment****. Attachments brings expectation and it hampers in best performance coming out.

Stomach problem Irrational behaviour
The head line has an island just under the longest finger / saturn finger. It indicates mental trouble, worries and / or stomach problem. One leads to another it could be both ways. Approximate age of maximum problem at age 35. There is a branch on the head line indicating that the person is likely to be a genius****. But as the head line is not distinct and clear he will appear to be irrational to people near to him. 

Hard work Opportunities lost
The head and life line are attached at the beginning, for a long length indicating that the subject is highly cautious and will loose opportunities. If such a person continues to be dedicated to just one profession he is likely to gain as he is of hard working nature. Success comes to him in mid life.

Vitality Love Stamina Good health Recovery
The mount of venus are developed providing him with good taste in terms of food,living and clothes. Vitality , love and stamina will be high, good health. The problem with palpitation will be reduced due to this. Such people recover from any health related issues easily and recovery is fast. Capacity to give and take love appear to be good. The subject is likely to be caring and loving to everybody. A loop on the mount also indicates special liking and/or aptitude for music art and finer things in life.

Earnings by way of mental work / new idea
The fate line is unstable indicating lots of changes in career.. Just after age 35 after crossing the head line the fate line appears to start from within the head line. It may indicate  earnings will come by maybe mental work.

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