Monday, May 4, 2015

A client asking few questions regarding his palm from a palmist.

A person asking few questions about his palm.
1) How will by financial status throughout my lifespan
Answer 1. It will be ok.
​ The reason i say this is because your fate line is good but few things are lacking. Like energy levels and targeting of energy.​ Normally people ignore what i have written. Sit back and try to analyze yourself.
2) Will i be rich.
Answer 2. Yes
​you will be supported from friends, mother sister or mothers family or your wife family or your wife will bring luck or girl child.
3) Will i do business or job.
Answer 3. Whatever you do you will be more fruitful
​. No specific are of special interest is indicated in your palm. It shows mixed interest. Anything related to trading and things where public appreciation is involved will bring good fortunes to you. Service industry. ​You may use your good communication and links skills to accumulate wealth.
4) Will i be successful in business
Answer 4. See your hand is not big and hand thick. So chances are your hold over people and resources is not
​ the best. Still such people if they keep people with integrity and good ground skills will bring them success.​

5) What business should i be doing
Answer 5.
​ Already answered in in answer 3​

6) How will be my health throughout
Answer 6. Health needs special care as you have a tendency to waste energy. So use your energy well. Heart line over lapping may give palpitation. You may come under stress on small issues.​
7) Will i be happy with the future of my kids
Answer 7. Yes but keep stress away.​
8) What will be appx age
​Answer 8. Age will be normal average approx above 80. Left hand not the active hand to refer to does show problem in latter part of life. But same does not get reflected in right hand the active hand so can conclude good health.​

9) How long do have my parents blessing with me in this life
​Answer 9. Guess till your age 55 all will be normal.​

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