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Clients palm analysis


I am sending you my palm photos. I am 48 years old and have been emotionally disturbed due to a previous relationship. I had a bad phase in 2010 from May June with severe back problem from this stress. That person works with me and is involved with somebody else. I do not want anything from that person anymore but it still disturbs me a lot .
What prediction do u see re my career?
My emotional state ? will it get better?
Do you see another career for me?

Dear Sudeep
will give my analysis but its not absolute. if any inconsistency do write back to clarify or amend me.

Regarding your emotional state.
  1. heart line is branched indicating inconsistency in your emotions.
  2. branch from heart line towards the head line indicate short circuiting of your intuition at the age of 50 approximately. You may be forced to take up major changes in your personal life regardless of the consequences.  You may be sucked into a relationship without your knowledge and it may happen with someone from your past knowing fully well both of you are incompatible. 
  3. After the age of 35 as displayed on your head line , it slopes towards the mount of moon indicating the person becoming / cultivating imaginative skills. Its good incase of writers or people where imaginary skills required. Such people go further from reality. 
  4. There could be a career change as the one you started at age of 42 may end by 53 and another one you start at age 50 may become prominent. As the sun line is good i am sure the person will have reasonably successful career.
  5. As explained the stress comes due to your basic nature. It can be said the hand is not bad and will be able to face problems which will arise.
  6. The heart line in left hand starts with a wave this gives emotional instability at early age.
  7. Dual heart lines even if small in  size increases emotions, so with increased emotions comes it's problems, need not explain.  


Monday, June 22, 2015

Doctor asking questions Palmistry Reading his hand analysis / hand reading

i want to know...

1- about my proffesional career..about any promotions..about any progress in proffesional field..

Answer 1.. As far as your professional career and promotion 
​are concerned
 there are a few indications which show that they will be good but with a few changes which might take place before the age of 35
​. The
​are also indicated with a 
break in your headline
 I totally new headline develops at the age of 34 it means that
​ major shift in thinking process. Time of change 
between the age of 32 
​ to ​
​.​ The major shift in personality can be due to change in work or circumstance or events in one's life . Y
ou need not worry due to a break in the head line has many big people have this particular indication for example modi
​, akilesh​
 yadav and few others to name a few
​. The upward branch from the
 first finger coming from your headli
​ne and life line indicate good position in life.

 2 what's the mount of jupiter it indicates good high position in life

Answer 2 The mount of jupiter in your hand is ok as it has a few crosses and fewer lines on this or any mount is better indication. The line on jupiter is also ok so will say you will get high position but slight problems will persist. Rating on one on 10 i will rate it as 5.5.
2-want to know how much money i will income..about my future income sources..
​Answer 2 
You are not a man of finance but ​
​society puts pressure on us to believe finances will make us happy​. Your hand shows sensitivity idealism truthfulness. It also shows attachments and attachments especially concerning relationship. This nature shall drain your energy and resources. Learn detachment if you wish to achieve more. 
3-about my will be my spouse personality..about my spouse relationship..about my sex life..
​Answer 3. You will have high expectation from marriage so beware this is your weakness.​ Can say she will have a major hold over your life. If you remain detached all will be well. You will gain after your marriage she will be lucky for you. Listen to her without question. (even your mother sister and foreigners benefit coming due to them) .... As far as sex life is concerned (you have not sent a perfect hand pics) what  i can make out is a good mount of venus indicating high desire for sex high on vitality stamina grace and a pull of opposite sex towards you. The mount of moon is not developed which reduces your kalpana shakti required to be a good lover. The mount of sun and finger is not developed indication you don't get noticed easily. Too much sensitivity and attachments due to branches on heart line gives you attachments which brings about expectation. expectations are never fulfilled therefore unhappiness. Mercury mount required for good communication  can't comment as pic not good.

4-about my will be my health condition.
​Answer 4. Take care of heart and eyes and stomach. Broken head line and marked middle are of palm is for bad stomach

5-how much property i will accquire..about my financial conditions..

​Answer 5. Probably at age 48. ​Already answered you previously.

6-is there any leadership my jupiter finger..can i have any leadership position in my life?
​Answer 6.. Answered already ​. 
The upward branch from the first finger coming from your headli​ne and life line indicate good position in life.
​ Not the best of lines in your hand but ok.  My question have you held any administrative position in life and how has it been . How ever small even if lkg prefect tell me​

7-in my lit
tle finger 3 to 4 vertical lines r there after the head the money lines ?
​Answer 7. 3 to 4 vertical lines on palm indicate a good surgeon and doctor. You will heal with your sensitivity and love. ​

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Palm reading request Palmistry

What i see in your palm is a well structured hand and balanced and all fingers straight.
It indicates a person who has control over his or her fate and is a doer not a person who waits for fate. Such people with whatever resources they have at their disposal may be able to do much bigger things. They have better control hold over people resources and money than others.

The 1st phalange of the finger is longer indicating a person who seeks mental stimulation. Such people do not seek only material and physical pleasure.
The heart line is longer than the head line indicating heart overpowering the head in most cases. 
Few crossing lines on head line indicating mental tensions before the age of 35 in RH and 37 in LH . (just indicative).
The heart line has lots of branches indicating attachments. Attachments bring about expectation and therefore dissatisfaction. 

Overlapping heart line may give palpitation. Stress is to be avoided in life.
As the heart line has 2 branches at start it gives a mixed mature. A person who is passionate as well as cold / passionless. But its a good sign to have. The heart line is long indicating sensitivity emotional nature.
The Head line is joint at start and continues for a while indicating a cautious person.
Fate line starts from the mount of moon indicating a person who does well in anything suggested or helped by a friend , male, father , brother, trading activity , service industry, anything where public appreciation is required, Foreign companies or foreign country.

The sun line or the career line is ok indication fairly ok career. As there are more than one line indicating success in more than one field. Its better to have just one sun line instead of more.

The 1st finger appears to be longer indicating administrative political or religious ability.
The circumference of the life line is good in right hand. i am considering right hand to be active hand. indicating good life in terms of stamina vitality and love.
left hand lacks a good life line but due to good life line on right hand we conclude all will be well.

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