Sunday, June 28, 2015

Clients palm analysis


I am sending you my palm photos. I am 48 years old and have been emotionally disturbed due to a previous relationship. I had a bad phase in 2010 from May June with severe back problem from this stress. That person works with me and is involved with somebody else. I do not want anything from that person anymore but it still disturbs me a lot .
What prediction do u see re my career?
My emotional state ? will it get better?
Do you see another career for me?

Dear Sudeep
will give my analysis but its not absolute. if any inconsistency do write back to clarify or amend me.

Regarding your emotional state.
  1. heart line is branched indicating inconsistency in your emotions.
  2. branch from heart line towards the head line indicate short circuiting of your intuition at the age of 50 approximately. You may be forced to take up major changes in your personal life regardless of the consequences.  You may be sucked into a relationship without your knowledge and it may happen with someone from your past knowing fully well both of you are incompatible. 
  3. After the age of 35 as displayed on your head line , it slopes towards the mount of moon indicating the person becoming / cultivating imaginative skills. Its good incase of writers or people where imaginary skills required. Such people go further from reality. 
  4. There could be a career change as the one you started at age of 42 may end by 53 and another one you start at age 50 may become prominent. As the sun line is good i am sure the person will have reasonably successful career.
  5. As explained the stress comes due to your basic nature. It can be said the hand is not bad and will be able to face problems which will arise.
  6. The heart line in left hand starts with a wave this gives emotional instability at early age.
  7. Dual heart lines even if small in  size increases emotions, so with increased emotions comes it's problems, need not explain.  


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