Thursday, June 4, 2015

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What i see in your palm is a well structured hand and balanced and all fingers straight.
It indicates a person who has control over his or her fate and is a doer not a person who waits for fate. Such people with whatever resources they have at their disposal may be able to do much bigger things. They have better control hold over people resources and money than others.

The 1st phalange of the finger is longer indicating a person who seeks mental stimulation. Such people do not seek only material and physical pleasure.
The heart line is longer than the head line indicating heart overpowering the head in most cases. 
Few crossing lines on head line indicating mental tensions before the age of 35 in RH and 37 in LH . (just indicative).
The heart line has lots of branches indicating attachments. Attachments bring about expectation and therefore dissatisfaction. 

Overlapping heart line may give palpitation. Stress is to be avoided in life.
As the heart line has 2 branches at start it gives a mixed mature. A person who is passionate as well as cold / passionless. But its a good sign to have. The heart line is long indicating sensitivity emotional nature.
The Head line is joint at start and continues for a while indicating a cautious person.
Fate line starts from the mount of moon indicating a person who does well in anything suggested or helped by a friend , male, father , brother, trading activity , service industry, anything where public appreciation is required, Foreign companies or foreign country.

The sun line or the career line is ok indication fairly ok career. As there are more than one line indicating success in more than one field. Its better to have just one sun line instead of more.

The 1st finger appears to be longer indicating administrative political or religious ability.
The circumference of the life line is good in right hand. i am considering right hand to be active hand. indicating good life in terms of stamina vitality and love.
left hand lacks a good life line but due to good life line on right hand we conclude all will be well.

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Sachin Tendulkar Palmistry reading analysis.

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