Friday, July 17, 2015

Related palm analysis

Dear Sir i need advise on my palm my name is XYZ and Dob is 14-08-1980, my main question of marriage and career . thanks

the pic taken is a bit blurred therefore can't comment.

But it could be in 37th year running.

Regarding career too few changes may take place in the year refereed to.

Your career does seem to be good as fate line appears to be fairly good and the structure of the palm is also good. The right hand shows you to be an out going person and reverse in left hand. If you are working then right hand becomes active and to be refereed to.

Left hand heart line does show attachments and this creates expectation therefore the cause of dissatisfaction. Right hand heart line is wavy this creates confusion and irrational behavior in relationship. But as the hand has strength therefore all these will be things you can rectify / control. The curvature in heart line does make you intense and temperamental.  Starting point of heart line makes you one who is guided by materialistic (money and outer appearances ) instinct and idealism. 

The mount of Venus is prominent indicating lots of energy vitality stamina and love for all. This brings attraction to you and also due to sun finger the third finger longer in proportion to the 1st finger.

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