Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sunny Leone Palm analysis

The heart line is branchless indicating detachment. It is the best sign to remain happy, focused and successful.
The curved heart line brings passion to emotions and such people freely expresses emotions and feelings openly. The starting point of heart line is right on the mount of Saturn materialistic and love outer appearance. Even though materialistic such people do help others even if they do it for better returns. Materialistic people tend to help people with their material needs. Idealistic and sensitive people on the contrary just have sensitive feelings without material help.

​The head and life line are wide apart indicating a person who is rash and never looses opportunity. Such people believe in action.

Mount of Venus seems prominent. A good mount of venus Venus indicate a liking for richness in food clothes and luxury. A good mount gives vitality stamina love affection.

The fate line starts from Moon. Such people benefit in trading , service industry, place where public appreciation is of prime importance. 

Good long mercury finger indicates good communication skills. Be it verbal facial or written.

The first phalanges of the thumb is tapered at the end, it makes her a perfectionist. She will never be satisfied. It also gives refined taste. ​


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