Saturday, April 30, 2016

Warren Buffet heart line

The heart line is broken under the ring finger that is not considered good as it relates to health issues concerning the heart and eyes. The ring finger and the mount under it and the heart line does have a major important significant part to play in one's success in stock market or anything related to speculation or even gambling of any kind. 
There are other major indications for success but not talking about that here.
The deep curvature in the heart line makes one passionate, temperamental  and the subject's emotions are on display.
Origination of heart line from saturn makes one attracted to money and is materialistic. As the origination of heart line is between 2 fingers that means from saturn and jupiter but more towards jupiter. So one does get both qualities but more of materialism. Materialism may be described differently here it means being responsible towards one's a person feels responsible to.


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