Saturday, May 14, 2016

Palmistry Reading of Lawyer Economist Subramanian Swamy

One should notice the narrow quadrangle formation with the head and heart line. Equate it to 2 magnets close to each other but not touching each other. In such a situation tension (not stress) develops between the magnets here referring to the head and the heart. Such people are high strung & tense, temperamental; jumpy, edgy, jittery, uptight. 

Here all the above qualities may not fit. 

To understand more we look at the opposite that is if the head and heart line were apart. If head and heart are apart then both head and heart (thought process thinking and feelings) are out of touch with each other just as when magnets are kept far apart. In this such a case people are out of touch & lack of serious commitment. A right amount of tension is necessary to deal with conflicts in day to day life. 

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Sachin Tendulkar Palmistry reading analysis.

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