Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Spoon Like Nails and health defects Palmistry Reading By Palmist Manish

In this particular palmistry reading video will be talking about health and the shape of the hills how it affects our health and

problems one may suffer due to spoon like nails by spoon by like nails basically we and just showing you sample this is.

spoon nails like if you would like a drop of water  like it good to stay there it's not going to slide down

Like not slide ,go down the surface of the nail it's so this is basically spoon like nails   this is what we say a spoon and this could be.

Another image of spoon like nails , before trying to explain what all health issues problem may arise .

Both these particular nails.  you will  find this  conclave this is convex shaped nails

These types of nail it could mean that they could be malnutrition insufficient nutrition in this particular person hands

A person like every malnutrition and they could be skin related issues as well and they could be hypothyroidism .

It means underactive thyroid or low thyroid it's a disorder of endocrine system in which the thyroid gland does not.

Thyroid hormone it can cause number of symptoms such as poor ability to tolerate cold a feeling of tiredness constipation depressed.

weight gain one part is that the other part is Syphilis is it is better known as sexually transmitted infection also referred to as.

Diseases caused by bacteria some bacterium and can often be recognised by the appearance of open ften be recognized by the appearance of an open ulcerative sore, known as a

chancre, so these things might appear on the genital mouth anus are the rectum so these are the possibilities of a spoon like.

So i will repeat it once more. it could be sexually transmitted infections the other is skin related issues for hypothyroid.

And mental defectiveness some some problem or the other in this particular aspect so

It doesn't mean that this person might not suffer any any such issue but the chances for a person who has got a spoon like.

Chances are more compared to compared to this spoon like nails your fingernails thank you for watching this video if you like the video clip.

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What you can take a look at it thank you for watching bye take care?

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