Thursday, October 10, 2019

Warren Buffet Strategy Palmistry Reading -- { No Fear Of Missing Out On Investment }

In this Palmistry video I am explaining Warren Buffet hands and how a one particular saying no fear of missing out on investment applies.

Out here we will talk about Mount of Saturn & the heart line when 

Money line always ending under the Mount of Saturn 99.9 cases.

Mount of Saturn mean place where money comes from Saturn is the area of responsibility of money Management wisdom

Heart line like money line if it ends under  Mount of Saturn depicts the qualities i just mentioned above that is responsibility of money Management wisdom

Such people go for traditional investment strategy depicted by saturn.
He will not go for anything unproven
Most businessmen are traditionalist.
Such people will wait for long period of time. This is why i say no fear of missing out on investment applies..

Warren Buffet No Fear Of Missing Out On Investment Palmistry Reading By ...  via @YouTube

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