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Luck plays a small role in one's success. There is more than that we can see on one's palm.


palmistry reading people want to know if they are going to be lucky or they will have huge amount of money
every person wants to become rich and famous
try to understand hard working people become rich
people who have skill they become rich
people who are consistent they become rich
you just do not need to be lucky to be successful
this is what I basically see on people palm
Few palmist give too much importance to the luck lines they think that if a person just has got few lucky signs that would mean that the person is going to be successful. same is the case for people who was seeking a palmist to for them to give a reading they just want to ask do I have a fish sign do I have across do I have got up wrong you have got a trident all these indications. what is more important to look in the hand is to see if the person is hardworking does have skills energy stamina vitality energy levels skills oratory skills verbal skills drafting skills engineering skills medical skills imagination skills all these things according to what you are doing would give you result so the more you have it the better it is considered to be.

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Palmistry reading of billionaire Kumar mangalam Birla the most respected businessman in india


in palmistry reading many people ask do I have a business line or line of service.
people think that billionaires might have very different kind of hands and they might have very very special kind of lines that make them very successful famous and rich.
this is not so they have very very normal kind of hands with some basic lines in a particular way.
the first question we have to ask regarding a billionaire is that do they manage money in a good way or the bad way.
we have to ask do this people angle towards money they do not angle towards money.
we have to ask is money a priority for them.
these questions can be seen very clearly on ones heartline.
Although heart line is for your emotional life but we can see work as well.
hotline tells your inclination of your heart towards your work your relationship and everything.

people in business or service whoever wants to be at the top their hands are not too dissimilar.
one who would be at the top of the service managing a big company will have similar hand like a hand of a businessman so there is no differentiation.
in both business and service if the heart line ends on the Mount of Saturn the person is likely to be good at managing money responsible and materialistic
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The structure of the hand plays a major role in the Palm reading watch the video to know more


generally people give very less importance through the structure of the hand.
the structure of the hand is very very important in Palm reading if a person has got a strong structured hand it indicates that the person would have a better hold over people money and resources.
such people would be able to control situation in better way than weak structured hands.
people may have excellent signs on the hand yet they might not is as successful as people who have a well structured hand.
Bible structured we mean the bone structure in your palm the fingers and Palm should have thick strong bones.
apart from that one must also have well-padded areas under the fingers as well as at the base of the palm.
the area that is padded indicates that particular amount is prominent in your life.
it also indicates that you have got rich qualities of that particular planet or the mount.
it is because of those qualities that you are likely to be successful.
therefore we must give more importance to the structure of the hand compared to just the lines.
these days people are asking strange kind of questions they are asking if they have a m sign on the palm.
people should use common sense

The importance of mass and Venus in our success


the hand can tell about your energy levels energy is the thing that gives you success.
if a person lacks in energy the possibility of the person being successful goes down.
to see if a person has got good energy levels we have to look at the area of mount of Venus.
if this amount is well-padded form hard with less lines it indicates huge amount of energy levels.
if this area is grid with crisscrossing lines very soft then the chances are that the person misuses his energy waste his energy.
therefore he is likely to be an successful who uses his energy in the wrong way.
Mount of Mars shows if a person has fire.
if you miss use your fire you are going to be angry at wrong issues.
if you utilise your fire it is going to get targeted

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Luck plays a small role in one's success. There is more than that we can see on one's palm.

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