Requirements For A Palm Analysis / Palm Reading.

Scanned image ( jpeg format) of both your palm.
Date of birth. (optional)
How to take digital camera image ?

Send images by scanning or digital camera or mobile camera.

Set your camera resolution to minimum of 1600 x 1200 and higher and set camera at no flash.
Click image outdoor in shade. In daylight and not darkness. Time of clicking 7 in morning too 4 in afternoon.
Place your hands flat facing upwards to sky on a table.
Angle the camera right above the hands. 12 noon position of the Sun.
Ask somebody else to help you click photo of the whole hand.
Send one image not multiple images.
Choose the best images to send.
Work on your questions I will work on your answers

Answer few questions for correct palm analysis.

Is your palm compared to your body ?
a) Very big. b) Big. c) Small. d) Very small.

Is your palm ?
a) Very hard b) Hard c) Soft d) Very soft

Is your palm ?
a) Totally inflexible. b) Inflexible. c) Flexible. d) Very flexible.

Points to keep in mind when you send palm scan or camera image

Be realistic while asking questions.
The number of questions get limited once you write them.
The biggest mistake people make is to seek God in a palmist or an astrologer.
Expect answer with shades of grey.
By writing questions one limit's / cages their worries.
Prerequisite to ask a question
Do send a clear image.
Do not send an out off-focus images.
Send both the hand images.

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